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We are specializing in car fleet management and rental services.

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Who We Are

MLH Solutions GmbH was established by three private individuals in 2009 specifically for car fleet management and rental services. In 2011, the growth of the company called for more capital investment so the current owner bought out its two partners and secured the necessary resources and background. Despite the constant changes in legislation during 2010-2012 – laws were changed even monthly – and thanks to its hard legal work, MLH Solutions GmbH’s fleet has operated continuously in compliance with both the Hungarian and the German laws. We managed to increase our fleet even during this difficult past period thanks to our solid legal background. The value of our fleet has reached EUR 4.5 million by now and it is still growing dynamically.
Our target customers use upper and upper medium category vehicles for their day-to-day work. We acquire our customers through our network of contacts and our partners.
Our goal is to provide a wide range of services for our customers from selecting the car till its delivery, and to establish long-term cooperation which is made more and more convenient by our expanding service range. We offer custom-tailored services to our customers. We are quick and, most importantly, flexible.

Advantages of Long-term Lease as a Means of Financing

  • VAT can be accounted for cars originally purchased in Germany
  • in case of purchases in Hungary, only the net purchase price of the car needs to be paid
  • the leasing fee can be accounted for as operating costs
  • we undertake the entire administration related to the vehicle both in Hungary and in Germany as well as before the relevant authorities (traffic licence, taxes, insurance, payment of casco insurance)
  • you can freely choose the lease term – we usually offer 36 months to our customers as the best choice in our experience
  • no performance and luxury tax needs to be paid by the vehicle’s owner

The Lease Process

  • You select the car
  • We give you a lease offer which is conditional on your credit-worthiness (which is examined by our financing partner)
  • after this, we order the car you selected
  • We make all arrangements for the traffic licence and the delivery of the car
  • We deliver the car to you
  • during the lease term, the leasing fee will be invoiced to you monthly

Options after the Expiry of the Lease Term

After the expiry of the lease term, you have the following options:

  • you can extend your contract
  • you can nominate yourself as buyer for the vehicle on the basis of the lease contract
  • you can start a new lease contract after returning your current vehicle